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Man Sing Times 民聲報 - 人民的聲音 (1921-1922)

The Man Sing Times was New Zealand’s first Chinese language newspaper. It was published in Wellington by the New Zealand branch of the Chinese Nationalist League, otherwise known as the Kuomintang. The Kuomintang was a political party led by Dr Sun Yat-sen that had helped establish the first Chinese Republic in 1912. The Kuomintang was committed to political change in China, wanting China to be a strong, independent and modern nation, ideas that held a strong appeal to the Chinese New Zealand community... read more

New Zealand Chinese Growers Monthly Journal 僑農月刊 (1949-1972)

The New Zealand Chinese Growers’ Monthly Journal was published by the Dominion Federation of New Zealand Chinese Commercial Growers. The Federation was founded in 1942 at the request of the New Zealand Government to ensure New Zealand could maintain its supply of fresh produce to American Forces in the Pacific. The Journal was established in 1949 as a means of informing the Federation’s members of matters relating to commercial growing... read more

New Zealand Chinese Weekly News 中國大事週報 (1937-1946)

The New Zealand Chinese Weekly News was published in Wellington by the New Zealand Chinese Association and ran from September 1937 to July 1946. It was formed as part of the Chinese New Zealand community’s response to the Sino-Japanese War, which began in July 1937, and was founded as a means to unite Chinese New Zealanders in the struggle against the Japanese, as well as a means to publicise the Association’s war effort activities... read more

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