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What is in the database?

The database contains images of pages from three Chinese language publications, plus additional information about the people, places and topics covered in the publications. For more information about each publication see the About 關於 page.

How do I browse the collection?

You can browse the collection by clicking Browse 瀏覽. This brings you a list of the publications in the collection. Click on a publication to see all the available years along with the number of issues for that particular year. Click on a year to see a list of issues for that year. Click on the issue to view it.

How do I search the collection?

You can search the collection in English or Chinese (traditional script).

Enter a word or words in the search box. To search a phrase, put double quotes around it.

Keyword search will search these fields: Summary, Subject and keywords, Places, Description, Contributor.

Names search will search these fields: Creator, Subject and keywords, Contributor.

How do I read an issue?

When you have arrived at an individual page, you will see the page image displayed on the right. Scroll to view different parts of the page. You can enlarge the page image by left clicking on it. If you left click on the enlarged image, it will return to the original size.

On the left is information about the issue, and about the page you are currently viewing.

You will also find the following:

  • Publication information – a link to the relevant publication page is just below the search bar.
  • Page browse – thumbnail images of each page appear below the publication information link. Move the scroll bar left or right to see more pages. Click on a page to display it in full.
  • Issue information – information about the selected issue is displayed below the page browse images. You can download the whole issue as a PDF document by clicking on the Download PDF link. You will need the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader installed on your machine. If you do not have it installed, click on the Acrobat logo next to the Download PDF link.
  • Page information – information about the selected page is displayed below the issue information. This could include a page summary, subjects, and fuller descriptions of the contents of the page. Information will display in both English and Chinese.

What language should I use, English or Chinese?

You can search the database using either English or Chinese (traditional script).

The information for each page image is in the same language as the contents of the publication, so page images in Chinese have information in Chinese, and page images in English have information in English. Some information (for example, people's names) is always given in both languages. All the information that is available about the page image in either English or Chinese is displayed. You don't need to switch languages to view additional information.

The introductory information about this database is displayed in only one language at a time, with a translation available. If this is the case you will see a View in English or 中文翻譯 link. Click on the link to change the language.

Can I reuse material from this website?

The titles on this website have the following rights categories:

Man Sing Times 民聲報 - 人民的聲音 (1921-1922) : no known copyright restrictions
New Zealand Chinese Growers Monthly Journal 僑農月刊 (1949-1972) : copyright or other restrictions may apply
New Zealand Chinese Weekly News 中國大事週報 (1937-1946) : copyright or other restrictions may apply

For further information on using material from this website, see Auckland Libraries terms of use

Can I search the full text of the journals?

No, the full text of the journals is not searchable. You can search our summaries of each page, which are provided in the language used on the page (English, Chinese, or both). We have also provided English and Chinese versions of people's names, place names and general subjects. We have also included the full text of some advertisements, notices and short articles.

I want to find out if someone appeared in the journals. How do I search for them?

We have tried to record all the names of New Zealanders who appear in the journals. So the first thing to do is search for the person by name.

Some pages include a list of names, which can have hundreds of names on it. In that case we have not recorded all the different names, but we have added the subject “捐欵芳名錄 = List of names”. You could search for this subject and read the list of names on the page image to see if your person is there.

It is also worth trying a search for any places you know are connected with the person. For New Zealand place names, it is better to use the English version of the place name, however if you know a Chinese version you could try that too.

I don't know the exact Chinese / English name for the person I want to find. How can I search for them?

All people's names are searchable in English and Chinese. For Chinese names, the Chinese script version is the most consistent – so if you know the name in Chinese script, try that first.

We have included all the Chinese and English versions of each person's name that we know of. If we don't know of an English name for a person, we have transliterated the Chinese script using the Pinyin transliteration system. We have linked together all the different versions of a name which we have found.

If you know someone used another name which we haven't recorded, please email us with the additional information.

How can I search for a New Zealand place name?

People writing in these publications have used some very unusual Chinese names for places in New Zealand. Where we have been able to identify the places, we have provided the official English and Chinese versions.

If you find a New Zealand place name which we have not identified, and you know where it is, please email us with the additional information.

My ancestor appears on this page, how can I add their name to the page information?

Please email us with the additional information and we will add it to the appropriate page.

Can I add a comment or start a discussion about a particular page?

No, this facility is not available although it may be added in the future.

Need more help?

Email us with your question.


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