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New Zealand Chinese Weekly News
中國大事週報 (1937-1946)
Number of issues: 379

The New Zealand Chinese Weekly News was published in Wellington by the New Zealand Chinese Association and ran from September 1937 to July 1946. It was formed as part of the Chinese New Zealand community’s response to the Sino-Japanese War, which began in July 1937, and was founded as a means to unite Chinese New Zealanders in the struggle against the Japanese, as well as a means to publicise the Association’s war effort activities. The paper was published weekly and circulated throughout the country. Each issue was laboriously hand written and cyclostyled and was written and edited by full-time professionally trained journalists. The paper largely consisted of war news from China, with an emphasis on news from Guangdong, the home province of the majority of Chinese New Zealanders. New Zealand-related news was practically non-existent, reflecting the community’s focus on China at the time. As well as publishing news on the war the newspaper also acted as a fund-raiser for the Chinese war effort, the revenue from advertising in the paper being donated to the Chinese Relief Fund. The war in China ended in August 1945 and the New Zealand Chinese Weekly News ceased publication in July 1946.

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Unknown - 1 issues
0年 - 共1期

Year 1937 - 20 issues
1937年 - 共20期

Year 1938 - 49 issues
1938年 - 共49期

Year 1939 - 39 issues
1939年 - 共39期

Year 1940 - 44 issues
1940年 - 共44期

Year 1941 - 42 issues
1941年 - 共42期

Year 1942 - 41 issues
1942年 - 共41期

Year 1943 - 40 issues
1943年 - 共40期

Year 1944 - 45 issues
1944年 - 共45期

Year 1945 - 36 issues
1945年 - 共36期

Year 1946 - 22 issues
1946年 - 共22期
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