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New Zealand Chinese Growers Monthly Journal
僑農月刊 (1949-1972)
Number of issues: 235

The New Zealand Chinese Growers’ Monthly Journal was published by the Dominion Federation of New Zealand Chinese Commercial Growers. The Federation was founded in 1942 at the request of the New Zealand Government to ensure New Zealand could maintain its supply of fresh produce to American Forces in the Pacific. The Journal was established in 1949 as a means of informing the Federation’s members of matters relating to commercial growing. The Journal was initially handwritten and cyclostyled. In 1952, in an effort to modernise the publication, the Federation purchased a set of Chinese type from Hong Kong for the cost of £4,000, an extraordinary sum at the time. In 1967 the paper became bi-monthly and changed its name to the New Zealand Chinese Growers. Falling membership and rising costs eventually caused the Journal to cease publication with the last issue being published in August 1972. Although the journal’s audience was intended to be Federation members and the Chinese growers’ community, and initially restricted itself to agricultural topics, it soon became the de facto voice of the Chinese community, publishing stories on local issues as well as items on Chinese New Zealand history as well as Chinese language lessons for Chinese growers’ children. It was said that almost every Chinese household in New Zealand had a copy of the Journal. As such it is a wonderful source of Chinese New Zealand social, economic and political history.

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Year 1972 - 2 issues
1972年 - 共2期

Cover Image
New Zealand Chinese Growers Monthly Journal 僑農月刊 (1949-1972)
Date 出版日期: 1972/04/01      Issue 期號: 164
Number of Pages 頁數: 6

Cover Image
New Zealand Chinese Growers Monthly Journal 僑農月刊 (1949-1972)
Date 出版日期: 1972/08/01      Issue 期號: 165
Number of Pages 頁數: 6
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