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Man Sing Times
民聲報 - 人民的聲音 (1921-1922)
Number of issues: 31

The Man Sing Times was New Zealand’s first Chinese language newspaper. It was published in Wellington by the New Zealand branch of the Chinese Nationalist League, otherwise known as the Kuomintang. The Kuomintang was a political party led by Dr Sun Yat-sen that had helped establish the first Chinese Republic in 1912. The Kuomintang was committed to political change in China, wanting China to be a strong, independent and modern nation, ideas that held a strong appeal to the Chinese New Zealand community. The Man Sing Times was the mouthpiece for the Kuomintang in New Zealand, and contained mostly Kuomintang propaganda and news from China. There was also a small amount of local New Zealand news and some literary and cultural content. The first issue of the Man Sing Times was published on 11 July 1921, and the last issue appeared on 21 October 1922. In all, 30 issues were published. The paper appeared every ten days and cost sixpence. Each issue was laboriously handwritten and cyclostyled. The circulation or print-run for each issue is unknown. Despite its popular appeal to political change the Man Sing Times struggled for support, and due to lack of funds it ceased publication after only one year and three months.

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Year 1921 - 16 issues
1921年 - 共16期

Year 1922 - 15 issues
1922年 - 共15期
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